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Who Will Mourn Teen Vogue? via The New York Times
In the midst of its resurgence, Teen Vogue is shutting down its printed magazine. The New York Times addresses the publication's increasing inclusivity and looks back on a few of the magazine's strongest moments.

Modest Dressing, as a Virtue via T Magazine
T Magazine acknowledges the rise of modest dressing amongst young women and charts the many motives behind opting-out of conventional beauty and fashion standards.

Chanel Showcased In China's Next Fashion and Tech Capital—And No, It's Not Shanghai via Quartzy
On Tuesday, Chanel reprised its Cruise 2018 collection in Chengdu’s Jinsong Oriental Art Exhibition Center. The local Chinese government is aiming to position Chengdu as the next Silicon Valley, as it is a natural hub for modern art, hip-hop, and new tech businesses.

Telfar Wins the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund via Vogue
On Monday, the gender-nonconforming clothing brand Teflar won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Chromat and Ahlem, founded by Becca McCharen-Tran and Ahlem Manai-Platt respectively, we're the two runners-up.

I Think About This a Lot: When a 60-Something Feminist Artist Dragged Overgrown Skaters via The Cut
On Supreme, the brand that reappropriated the visually-defining factors of her work, Barbara Kruger said: "What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers. I make my work about this kind of sadly foolish farce. I’m waiting for all of them to sue me for copyright infringement.”

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