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Obsessed With You: 11 Writers on Crushes and Clothes via Ssense
I wanted to break up with him right there and then. I wanted to say, “Listen, I thought I loved you but it turns out my only cardinal rule is: no fedoras.” Actually, it’s the only information I listed on my Tinder profile.

Why Kate Spade Will Always Be My Fashion Fairy Godmother via Vogue
The person who made that little thing is now gone and so is my bag, but I’ll carry the magic she unknowingly bestowed on me nearly two decades ago as proudly now as I did then. A bag isn’t just a bag when you realize the power of the woman behind it.

Jorja Smith Knows Exactly Why She's Famous via The Cut
“I know I can sing; I can sing and I like how I sound. I believe a voice is a voice. I could wear a box on my head and still have a good voice.”

Bill Cunningham's Unseen Scrapbooks via The New York Times
“He was pulling inspiration for his hats from a whole range of different worlds and knowledge bases,” Dr. Schmidt Bach said. “That’s something I didn’t know until I looked in the scrapbooks. He had collections based on Egyptian art, collections based on the legend of Robin Hood. He just drew from a whole range of art and social events. They’re manifested in his collections.”

The Organization Teaching Young Girls in Afghanistan to Skateboard via Paper
The NGO began in 2007 when Australian skateboarder and researcher Oliver Percovich traveled to Kabul to visit a former girlfriend who was working there. He brought three skateboards and immediately noticed how they acted as social equalizers wherever he traveled. The Afghan boys and girls flocked to his unfamiliar wheeled toy with a special fervency, finding freedom with each ride. A community—spanning socioeconomic standing, ethnicity and gender—began to form around this shared interest.