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Dries Van Noten and Puig: Decoding the Deal via Business of Fashion
Given the brand’s potential — and its unique positioning in the market — Van Noten likely entertained offers from various investors. Joining Puig — known for giving their designers creative independence — will offer the infrastructure Dries Van Noten needs to enter new, more scalable categories.

The Secrets Behind Kali Uchis’s Singular Sense of Style via Vogue
Uchis soaked up references from the mod ’60s cuts of Edie Sedgwick to the glamour of Brigitte Bardot, and she went through many different style phases, from that “classic emo stage,” as she describes, to an obsession with moon boots. This type of omnivorous attitude extends to her musical influences as well: Her new album starts with a breezy lounge number (“Body Language”) and includes everything from downtempo soul numbers (“Flight 22”) to indie synth pop (“In My Dreams”).

Vivienne Westwood: Youth is Revolting via Dazed
“I guess I’m a punk because I’m a fighter. You’re born with the character you’ve got, and I will always fight. I can’t help it.”

Virgil Abloh on the Movement That Brought Him to Louis Vuitton via HYPEBEAST
You know I draw that line all the way back to the Renaissance, you know these art movements. Essentially I'm just an assistant to the people that came before me, trying to add to the design that goes forward for the next generation to continue. I'm not anything, I'm just a creative. There's different words or boxes to put types of creativity into, which I'm not that preoccupied with. I'm only interested in making relevant ideas.

How Instagram is Redefining Our Understanding of Beauty via iD
"People are still too scared to show their true selves, because of the pressure they seem to place on themselves based on edited images of 'perfect lives' and 'perfect bodies'. Slowly Instagram is breaking through the taboo but it isn't there yet."