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Inside Nike’s mission to change the future of our planet via Dazed
For us, our purpose is all about how we enable the athlete to do what they want to do, and part of that is how do we make sure they have access to a world in which they have clean air, they have snow and they have clean water to surf on, or to swim in and you can run. To do that, our commitment is to become sustainable.

What Dries Van Noten And Missoni's Power Moves Mean For Fashion via Vogue
The moral to the story, in most of those cases, is that selling a majority stake is a curse disguised as a blessing. The people who you were once responsible for can be easily turfed out, your legacy can be tarnished and your name bastardised in pursuit of commercial survival.

Nobody Knows What Luxury is Anymore via Quartzy
But these diverging viewpoints underscore that there is no settled criteria for what defines luxury at this point. Steve Shiffman, CEO of Calvin Klein Inc., talked about how a $25,000 dress designed by artistic director Raf Simons and a $5 pair of Calvin Klein underwear work as part of the same brand. Luxury can be both inclusive and exclusive, aspirational and attainable, he said. What matters most is that the products are objects of desire.

From Gucci to Beyoncé – how the pink suit took over​ fashion via The Guardian
The pink suit has a long (and sometimes tragic) backstory. Look to US political history and essays have been written about the pink wool suit worn by Jackie Kennedy on the day her husband was assassinated, still stained with his blood. Much has been made of the power of Hillary Clinton’s many-hued “pantsuits”, and pink ones – from rose to hot – have made up a solid part of her repertoire over the years.

The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram via The New York Times
“I was a punk,” she said, “and before that I was a hippie. Now I’ve merged the two cultures. I’m part of the Germaine Greer generation. But in the world of social media, I’m simply lumped with all the over-60s.”