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Couture Fashion Captures the Latest, Greatest Luxury of All: Time via ManRepeller
Like it is a real pint of ice cream, made from milk, sugar and cream as opposed to the fluff they serve at Tasti D-Lite — an arguably adequate imitation of the confectionary, but absolutely incapable of existing without the former.

How Fashion Tastes "Low Culture" Through Fast Food Collaborations via SSENSE
What’s driving this desire for fast food companies to align themselves with fashion brands? My mind returns, somewhat cynically, to the fact that voluntarily eating fast food has become a form a social currency for the rich, a fashion statement in itself for anyone who occupies a social position higher than working class. It feeds the fantasy that food can bring us together, serving as the great democratizing equalizer within a capitalist structure, uniting consumers across social strata and fooling people into believing that everyone’s diets, divorced from capital, are the same.

6 Reasons Luxury Brands Should Embrace the Resale Market via BoF
Traditionally, luxury brands have turned their backs on the grey space of resellers, insisting that second-hand sales weaken brand value. While the term “investment piece” is casually (and frequently) thrown around, it’s actually a rare product that retains its value over time.

Mellany Sanchez Started on Instagram and Is Now Drake’s Image Director via The New York Times
As the image director for Drake, Ms. Sanchez curates the rapper’s wardrobe. She also was part of the team that directed the visuals on his new album, “Scorpion”: the music video outfits, the album cover and tour wardrobe. She draws inspiration from his emotions, like feeling strong or “exclusive.” “I recall the emotion I felt in certain clothing and think, how do we recreate the emotionality of what people are wearing,” she said. She is also partial to rare pieces from Tom Ford, Prada and Stone Island, as well as vintage finds from Procell, a boutique on the Lower East Side.

Greenpeace Reports The Fashion Industry Is (Finally!) Becoming Greener via Refinery29
“We have made great progress in phasing out hazardous chemicals that pollute our waterways and environment — there has been a major paradigm shift in the clothing industry triggered by the Detox campaign, which now takes responsibility for their production instead of just their products,” said Bunny McDiarmid, executive director of Greenpeace International.