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The Making of Eckhaus Latta’s Shoppable Whitney Museum Exhibition via Vogue
The designers are engaging with ideas of culture, commerce, value, and collaboration in their exhibition, “Eckhaus Latta: Possessed,” opening Friday, August 3. Staged in a first-floor gallery accessible for free, the exhibition allows guests to look, touch, try on, take a selfie, and even—gasp!—shop, fusing together the sacred purity of art and the basic, transactional nature of commerce.

Bust, Boucher and Black Monday: Vivienne Westwood’s Contrary Corset via AnOther
Vivienne Westwood’s Boucher corset is not just a collectible totem of a landmark collection. It summarises a philosophical approach that has produced Westwood’s very best work–colliding historical reference with contemporary culture, prurient traditional dress with provocative sexuality.

User Experience: Comme Des Garcons Paris via SSENSE
Ideas of the body, how they constitute themselves singularly, but also how they congregate into cultures, as families, as communities, come to me when I consider what Kawakubo has accomplished. Just as she has built up an extended family of creative cousins (from John Waters to Frank Ocean), and a community of genetically compatible followers, her designs have twisted perception of what the human form can be, of how it can be assembled. Perhaps that is what my sister and I, with our distinct bodies and distinct insecurities, both love about her work—it’s ability to transform, to open up a new relationship to yourself through shape, to allow a momentary transcendence from the body by reconfiguring its outline.

Riccardo Tisci Reveals New Burberry Logo and Monogram via Harper's Bazaar
The new logo features a sleek and streamlined bold sans-serif text in all caps. Its new monogram, however, is an interlocking 'TB' pattern—after the house's founder, Thomas Burberry—done in a red, honey-beige, and white color scheme. Both were designed in collaboration with Peter Saville, the graphic designer who also redesigned Calvin Klein's new logo under Raf Simons last year.

Kevyn Aucoin Is Still the Most Influential Makeup Artist in the World via The Cut
As an outcast in his youth, Aucoin knew that being seen as beautiful was a form of acceptance and admiration, and that he had the power to give that to people. For him, the ability to make someone feel and look beautiful feels like bestowing love in another form.