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Between Two Toes: The History of Margiela's Cult Tabi via SSENSE
"The Margiela tabi have a collectible allure all their own. They are in-demand enough that people buy them off auction websites they use through Google Translate, often for hugely inflated prices long after certain colorways cease to be sold in stores. Why are we so obsessed with these glorified hooves?"

Vogue & The CFDA Agree To No Longer Hire Models Under 18 via Refinery29
"'No more: It’s not right for us, it’s not right for our readers, and it’s not right for the young models competing to appear in these pages. While we can’t rewrite the past, we can commit to a better future,' Singer writes of the new guidelines set forth by the publishing monolith. The publication notes that the modeling industry's own #MeToo movement influenced its fresh new code of conduct, which includes model approval of poses and clothing."

Aretha Franklin Is As Immortal As Can Be via The New Yorker
"To listen to Aretha Franklin now is to hear everything—everything that came before her, each strain of American blues and jazz and gospel and soul, all the musical traditions people leaned on to stay alive, and everything that exists now, all the singers she gave license to, everyone she taught. Her death is in all of us, as her songs are in all of us. She is as immortal as can be."

Fashion’s Dirty Secret: Millions in Grey Market Sales via BoF
"The grey market refers to the trade in goods from unofficial suppliers. The way this often works in luxury fashion is a retailer buys product at wholesale from a designer and instead of selling it directly to end consumers, sells it to another retailer or agent who isn’t approved by the brand and typically lacks the same aura of exclusivity as official sellers. The product is legitimate but sold via an unofficial channel, hence the term grey. (This is distinct from counterfeit goods, which are “black” market)."

The Female Designers Taking Centre Stage at Copenhagen Fashion Week via iD
"Think again. In 2018, Scandinavian style has evolved beyond the point of clean, restrained and, at times, boring, design. For evidence, look no further than Copenhagen Fashion Week, which took place last week. Not only was it all about bold color, bravura prints and eclectic layering — there wasn’t a navy wool overcoat or grey sweater in sight."