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Universal Standard Disrupts Retail with the World’s Most Size Inclusive Store via Vogue
"The brand which began with the goal of moving past the old-school boundaries of plus or straight-size clothing and towards the kind of inclusivity that caters to all women hit a milestone this week with its most daring move yet, the opening of their first retail location. Situated at 65 Greene Street in the middle of SoHo alongside some of the buzziest labels around it is different from anything you’re likely to find in New York, or anywhere else for that matter thanks to its size 00 to 40 offerings."

[A Bunch of Career Advice From Haley, Man Repeller’s Deputy Editor (https://www.manrepeller.com/2018/10/career-advice-haley-nahman.html) via Man Repeller
"Imposter syndrome is founded on the idea that everyone else has figured it out except you. My career has shown me so far that people and experience can teach you a lot — but one of those things is that everyone is just figuring it out, too. My best tip for overcoming self-doubt is breathing through that lesson. You will find your confidence; just don’t rob yourself of the opportunity before it presents itself."

The Fashion Industry Still Struggles at the Intersection of Race and Size on the Red Carpet via Fashionista
"In a widely shared piece by Lindsay Peoples Wagner for The Cut on being Black in the fashion industry, stylist Jason Bolden, who has worked with Ava DuVernay and Taraji P. Henson, as well as Kaling and Shahidi, reveals a similar dynamic. 'I have a brown girl who's killing it. So I asked brands if they will partner with me to dress her. The answer: "Oh, no. Pass,"' he says. 'An Oscar-nominated woman who is sample size isn't right for the brand, but then I see them work with someone who has no career, no fashion profile. It's bizarre.'"

Cult perfume brand Le Labo and the chemistry – personal and actual – behind its success via South China Morning Post
“Creative freedom was a huge thing for Fabrice and myself. We had got to a point where we had things to say, which we didn’t want anyone else to have a second say on. We didn’t choose to be niche, we were doing things in the perfume world which we thought could be interesting. It so happened our scents were an extension of who we were and are."

What Even Is a Going-Out Top Anymore? via The Cut
"A good going-out top is hard to find, which is why I admire those who seem to own a constant rotation. In theory, a G.O.T. should make you feel sexy and cool; casual, but not too casual; and maybe even a little expensive. It has to be something you can wear in the steamy heat of a bar or a club, but warm enough to get you there and back without dying. And it also has to be you, whatever that means, because presumably, the goal of a G.O.T. is to make you feel good, and get others to notice you. To go out is to be seen."