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Colette Founder Sarah Andelman Explains the Importance of Collaborations via Complex
Sarah Andelman, the co-founder and creative director of Colette, says, "You can’t just do a collaboration for the sake of doing a collaboration. It can’t be just for the money or the buzz. Each part has to bring something to the table. It can be the craftsmanship or the genius idea, but I think the result should be something you cannot do alone. It must come from the fact that two entities must use each other’s savoir faire."

Would You Take Out a Loan for a Pair of Jeans? via Racked
Affirm, a financial app co-founded by the former CTO of PayPal, partners with retailers to provide easy, streamlined financing. From furniture stores and travel agencies to luxury womenswear retailers, the app provides installment loans that fit your personal needs.

'Fashion's Favourite Brainiac' Pierre Hardy on Creating Cult Shoes for Hermès via The Telegraph
Pierre Hardy, the man behind the jewelry and shoes at Hermès, has created cult-classic, highly-functional designs for over 27 years. He tells Telegraph, "A lot of the work is based on my memories, and a lot of people have an image of Hermès based on their own recollections. Sometimes they’re different to the reality of what the thing was, but that’s OK. What I’m trying to do is to make new memories [for our clients]. So I try to make something better; to give it a new shape and image."

Is Fashion Afraid of Individuality? via 1 Granary
Maria Vieira Lopes of 1 Granary questions the current state of the fashion industry, and asks why more many designers bypass the "secret alleys, streets and roads that haven’t been explored."

Stella McCartney Calls for Overhaul of 'Incredibly Wasteful' Fashion Industry' via The Guardian
Fashion designer Stella McCartney has partnered with the environmentalist, Dame Ellen MacArthur, to make the fashion industry less wasteful and more sustainable by phasing out substances of concern and microfibre release, increasing clothing utilization, improving recycling and moving to renewable materials.

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