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The Dreamy Promise of Female-Run Fashion Brands via The Cut
Alongside the handful of established and successful female designers, a new breed of fashion fueled by women is beginning to arise: Nili Lotan, Maryan Nassir Zadeh, Apiece Apart, Doen, and Jenni Kane. The Cut examines their new business tactics and the major differences between these brands and those run by men.

How Museums and Cultural Institutions Have Shaped the History of Body Diversity via Fashionista
FIT's new exhibit, "The Body: Fashion and Physique," reflects on how the "ideal" body type has changed over the last two centuries, exhibited through mannequins. "You can see very clearly that the mannequin and the shape of the mannequins is a social construct," says Emma McClendon, curator of the show. "We're talking about the body, we're talking about physique. It's crucial to mention what these garments are going to be dressed on, so that's why at the start, there's a comment on the dress form itself."

Designer Wunderkind Jonathan Anderson Talks Ambition, Arrogance and the Making of an It Bag via The Telegraph
Jonathan Anderson tells The Telegraph about the making of his it-Puzzle bag and reflects on his career thus far. He shares, “People might read me being my own self as arrogance. I don’t really care. But what I do care about is that people see that I love the work. And that I’m doing the work.

Gucci Confirms Its Offices Were Raided Over Suspected Tax Evasion via The Guardian
After a recent investigation, it is suspected that Gucci, the 96-year-old Kering-owned brand, has evaded approximately $1.5 billion in taxes over the last several years.

How 032c Magazine Became the Most Coveted Clothing Line for the Post-Vetements Generation via iD
On 032c-branded goods, Maria Koch, co-founder of the publication and ex-Jil Sander womenswear designer says, “The goal is always to produce a very cool piece which everyone wants to wear non-stop. And the cultural baggage 032c has means we can balance our dry and dark intellectual side with something very flash and shiny.”

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