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With Phoebe Philo Leaving Céline, What's Next? via Business of Fashion
After Phoebe Philo announced her departure from Céline earlier this week, rumors are spreading about where she's headed next and who will be taking over the brand.

7 Ways Fashion Joined the Political Conversation in 2017 via Fashionista
As 2017 comes to a close, Fashionista looks back on fashion's most political moments. Brent Franson, the CEO of a retail data firm called Euclid, says, "Anyone who's upright and breathing understands that this is a cultural moment like none other—the deep divisions we see in our government are mirrored and reflected back in sports, the arts, truly every facet of our culture. Fashion and retail are no exception."

Lab-Grown Luxuries: Cruelty-Free Silk, Diamonds, and Leather Offer an Ethical Alternative via The Guardian
As the fashion industry slowly begins to adopt more ethical practices, brands are embracing the idea of biofabrication—where biology, technology, and fashion become one.

On Set with Phantom Thread's Oscar Winning Costume Designer via Business of Fashion
Mark Bridges, the Oscar-winning costume designer responsible for the outfits in Daniel Day-Lewis' final professional film, Phantom Thread, shares insight into his design methods when constructing a wardrobe dictated by a period setting.

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