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Was 2017 the Most Diverse Year in Fashion Yet? Let's Hold the Applause via The Telegraph
On the surface, 2017 was a year of progress for the fashion industry—less conformity, more body-positivity, and more racial diversity both on and off the runway—but Emily Cronin of The Telegraph argues, "the main thing changing is the audience’s attitude."

Millennials Will Spend Money for Eco-Friendly Clothing via Refinery29
A recent marketing survey shows that 90% of millennials will purchase clothing from a brand with social and environmental practices and are more likely to recommend their purchases to friends.

How Luxury Went Millennial via iD
"But luxury, in practice, for the millennial, isn’t cashmere or angora (not animal-friendly) or couture or Made in Italy labels. It is definitely not snakeskin or mink or exotic leathers. Luxury is a new kind of reflection of who we are, and a who we are that extends beyond clothes. Some stuff you don’t need to fuck with, Chanel’s interlocking Cs, for example, have their own magic, their own power. But the millennial experience pushes that mystery into the same space as every other experience."

John Galliano on Going Back to his Roots via Vogue
Vogue speaks with the legendary designer John Galliano in his childhood home of South London.

Fashion Brands are Tooling up to Create Custom Clothing in Minutes via Wired
On the rise of monogramming and other custom-embellishments, José Neves, the founder and CEO of Farfetch, says, “Customisation will be the next revolution in luxury. We wanted to find a way of offering luxury and bespoke products to an audience that’s increasingly knowledgeable about style and quality.”

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