When you thought you’d just got over Kanye West using Paris Hilton as a Kim Kardashian clone, he strikes again with another influencer campaign. But this time, it hasn’t gone down too well.

On Tuesday night, several Insta-famous women (including the Clermont Twins) posted photos of themselves wearing the Yeezy 500 in Super Moon Yellow. West then tweeted each and every image of the campaign which was shot by Eli Linnetz.

While the campaign includes a number of men dressed in Yeezy garb, the women are photographed in varying states of undress. Some are topless with two baring all in front of the camera. One of the most notable inclusions is adult actress Lela Star who bears a striking resemblance to Kardashian.

Heroine has previously analyzed West’s seemingly outdated view of women. This campaign further proves the theory that the rapper-cum-designer thrives on exploiting women and their bodies, utilizing certain assets in order to sell sneakers.

Some social media users have likened the campaign to American Apparel’s former advertisements which relied on ‘provocative’ poses to shift stock. Others believe the Yeezy ad is referencing photographer Terry Richardson’s heavily sexualized aesthetic.

Whatever West’s thought process was, it’s only a matter of time before we see if sex really does still sell.

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